the life of a loony mayor. pro listener, flower fan, time traveler and also kind of a scene kid??? at least that's what i heard.

commission for sucriosse of animauxing’s mayor with stitches.


Omg “Bæ” is basically how norwegians write sheep noise (sheep noise?)

…oH;;; LMAO

/puts face in hands

Anonymous said: you is bæ

whAT N O

(omg thank u)

Anonymous said: Do you have a main art blog where you post random things? /v/

not at the moment, no. :c i do have a dA though!

Anonymous said: Hey, I just wanted to let you know, the links to your Muffy and Stitches tags in your town info page appear to be broken!

thanks for letting me know, they should be fixed now.

couldn’t sleep, ended up doodling these rad totally-not-alien mayors

they’re so cute omf i can’t

i had shampoodle’s theme stuck in my head on loop the entire time i was drawing this

muffy moved in yesterday!

Anonymous said: do you still have deviantart? I clicking the link on here but does not work :(

yes i do, but the link was broken! thanks for telling me, it should be fixed now. 

tammy left the other day… chadder took it pretty hard.