Anonymous asked:
whisper i only just followed you but i have seen your art everywhere around the acnl tags. if you ever get the time, will you draw Apollo? He is probably my favourite villager ever. / v \

sure! c’:

(and thank you <3)

Anonymous asked:
hi! i don't mean to sound pushy or anything but when do you anticipate to open up bell commissions again? your art style is really interesting (in the absolute best way) ah

most likely relatively soon, but i’m also considering opening cash commissions as well! i’m still trying to figure out the best way to do all this, to be honest…;; if anyone has advice for me i’d love to hear it! thank you ;~; <3

binarabbit asked:
You're an amazing artist. Don't ever give up on your talent. :) I love your drawing of Carmen. I'd love to see Benjamin. I miss him, he moved out long ago, but was really my best pal.

thank you so much. :’)

in which doms draws six random villager babs for no apparent reason

Anonymous asked:
Can you give us a download link for the Fine_Flat texture? I can't find it anywhere!

i honestly have no idea! it came with my SAI program, but i downloaded that ages ago, so i don’t have the link…

Anonymous asked:
what are your pen settings?

to be honest i really don’t use the pen tool all that much! lately i’ve mainly been using the brush tool for everything, and the settings look like this:

and when i do use the pen tool i just use the default settings and set the minimum size to about 2%. i hope this helped somehow ;o;



would you mind waiting, mr. butterfly? i forgot my net.

lazy villagers got the right idea, man.