Anonymous asked:
what are your pen settings?

to be honest i really don’t use the pen tool all that much! lately i’ve mainly been using the brush tool for everything, and the settings look like this:

and when i do use the pen tool i just use the default settings and set the minimum size to about 2%. i hope this helped somehow ;o;



would you mind waiting, mr. butterfly? i forgot my net.

lazy villagers got the right idea, man.

yes, i’m back. :’)

shortly after i made my pokemon blog at about the end of october, a series of unfortunate circumstances forced me to take a long hiatus, both from acnl and art in general. i’ve only just recently gotten to the point where it looks like everything is going to be okay, and i was really scared to turn my game back on for the first time a few days ago. but, to my surprise, when i started up my game again after five months, all my villagers were still there in lavender, happy to see me as always. ;v;

my biggest regret during my leave was that i did not finish all of my commissions. if you were waiting for your art all this time, i am truly truly sorry. if you’re on my list and you would still like your piece, please message me and i will do it for free.

i also have a dA account now where i post things that aren’t necessarily acnl related, so feel free to take a look if you’re interested.

again, i’m so so sorry for any inconvenience my hiatus may have caused, and i’m very happy to be back. :)


hey guys, i made a separate blog for my pokemon stuff so as to not bug you guys with it haha. i’ll be posting xy art and dumb adventure stuff there soon!

i’m doms, and this is my best bud percival.

so uhhh
how ‘bout that x and y, huh

/nervous laugHTER

OKAY OKAY back to your regularly scheduled programming

my tablet’s been on the fritz again lately but i think i managed to fix it for now so back to commissions.

you get x or y??

y, because holy shit yveltal

do you have pokemon fan art you care to share? :)

quite possibly in the near future! this game is too beautiful and i love my team too much to have not drawn pokeymans all over the place already haha. 

oh man i’m sorry guys the pokeemans got to me lmfao;; i will be back shortly. side note THIS GAME IS FUCKIN GORGEOUS OMG.